Preparing to shut your business for Christmas? Check out these top tips:

For a business owner to well truly relax over Christmas (is there really such a thing?) it’s important to plan for a succinct company closure over the holiday period. Deadlines must be met, work finalised, employees paid…all of the typical things that need to happen at the end of the year. And don’t forget to let your clients know!

But then there’s also the equipment, which must be switched off to enable an easy re-start in the New Year. If an ‘electrical shutdown’ is not done properly, you may face issues on your first day back and this will result in lost productivity…and money! This can easily be avoided with some forward thinking.

To properly shut down your production line (including all equipment such as computers, printers and other machinery as well as data equipment), you’ll need to take into consideration how different pieces of equipment and systems interact…i.e. what happens to A and B when I switch off C? In order to initiate a ‘shut down sequence’ that will ensure you don’t lose/damage important documents or compromise the functionality of your equipment, make sure whoever is manning the closure has a clear understanding of what needs to be turned off first, and thereafter.

Finally, make sure lights are off and plugs turned off at the socket to avoid the electrical charges incurred when products are left on standby.

For more useful hints and tips relating to the shutdown of your business this Christmas, read “Planning and preparing your business for Christmas shut down” on

And have a very merry Christmas…from the team at CH Systems!

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