The hustle and bustle of the city is unavoidably infectious and London’s Old Street, where we recently completed an entire office block refurbishment, was always a good place to be whilst the project was in process.

The office block consisted of four floors that required the refurbishment of unisex toilet blocks (one per floor) and cleaner’s cupboard as well as a basement level with a shower block – all in compliance with Doc M dwelling regulations (access to and use of buildings).

All the Sanitary and bathrooms have been refitted, greatly improving the overall aesthetic of this property. We carried out a Category A fit out throughout the demise and fitted a Category 5 booster for the irrigation system. Some general context on CAT A and CAT B fit outs:

A Category A fit out varies from developer to developer but most often, it describes the level of fit out provided by the developer to the landlord. Typically, a Cat A fit out includes: raised floors and suspended ceilings, basic mechanical and electrical service, fire detection and protection services, internal surface finishes and blinds. A Cat B fit out is conducted on a space where the external walls and basic flooring, ceilings, M&E services and shared toilets and lifts have been installed. This type of fit out includes: partitioning, finishes and branding, carpeting, meeting rooms, conference rooms, break-out rooms, the reception area, lighting, kitchen facilities, IT and audio visual equipment, and office furniture.

We also installed a new 3000 litre cold water storage tank and then a water heater plus sump pump in the basement serving showers.

The team at CH chose top brands to ensure the longevity of all systems, including: Ariston water heaters, Vitra toilets, Ideal Standard basins and specialist rainwater drainage and gutter systems in the Saint-Gobain heritage range. All condensates were installed in HDPE with Hepworth HepVo traps and basement pipework was fitted in George Fischer ABS.

All soil and waste systems were fitted in HDPE Geberit and domestic services copper in Geberit Mapress, and WC frames also in Geberit.

Have a look at the final result:


Long-term installation projects are intense, typically requiring round-the-clock attention and the ability to deliver and adapt ideas when plans are sometimes curtailed by building complications – but the end result is always deeply rewarding.

The team at CH was commissioned for an entire penthouse refurbishment in an occupied building. The project took 12 months to complete and the final look is a modern, sophisticated apartment that emanates professionalism. Check it out:

Much of the work we did is hidden by the slick interior of the apartment but is essential to the comfort and overall livability of the residence. Part of the installation work included refurbishment of the: underfloor heating and AC system; domestic hot and cold plus low temperature hot water (LTHW) and gas systems; above ground soil and waste systems as well as the installation of Villeroy & Boch sanitary ware.

The boiler plant required a specialist flue due to its location and a new gas pipe was installed running from the riser into the demise, with Quooker taps fitted throughout. All pipework was installed in copper with Yorkshire Fittings and all soil and waste pipework is in Terrain. The installed brassware is high end Waterworks and the WC frames are Geberit.

The penthouse includes some killer features that we enjoyed perfecting: two gas fires and an outside barbecue (all feeding off the main supply) plus a steam room and sauna – with all control valves, including solenoids, fitted to comply.

We enjoyed the magnitude and dynamic nature of this project, and the team at CH is hugely pleased with the end result.

Ductwork, Air Conditioning and Small Plumbing works – White Collar Factory

One of the perks of working on building services is that we get to revel in the architectural prowess of some pretty epic designs, such as the award winning superstructure (featured below) in which we carried out ductwork, air conditioning and small plumbing works during a CAT B fit out on the thirteenth floor.

The White Collar Factory is an energetic and diverse business hub that is home to some of the world’s foremost companies.

On this particular job, the decision was made to keep all of the building services on show. This format of installation works well for us a business as it allows us to showcase our work.

All the installed AC plant and kit was Daikin; the VRV was fitted on the roof in the plant space on the inside of the running track (that is on the roof) and the controls on the internal units were all run through an iTouch manager.

Below ground gas work – Royal Chelsea Hospital

Following on from the enabling and installation work successfully carried out at the Royal Chelsea Hospital, the team at CH Systems proceeded to tackle the final part of the project: below ground gas pipework.

There were a number of irrigation pipes that crossed the tech and made the installation of a 125mm PE pipe quite awkward. To make it work, we had to squeeze off the existing below ground gas pipework on both sides of the site, which was followed by a tightness test on the entire gas carcass. The sheer size of the gas system as well as a lack of valves on location meant that we had to cut into the pipework. (See the below images for how it went down…)

Ultimately, the work was a success. The 200meters of pipe and multiple fittings we used on the job was supplied by Smith Brothers Stores, and went together without a hitch, making for a tidy installation.

Overall the client is very pleased with the work, as are we.

Gas fired Warm Air Unit – global internet retailer

The life expectancy of a boiler depends very much upon the type of boiler in question but, on average, a traditional gas boiler should last between 10 and 15 years. When it comes to the end if its serviceable life, it’ll need to be replaced – as was the case when we were called to check out some issues a client (global internet retailer) was having with their current heating system at a warehouse in Croydon.

The team at CH Systems discovered that the older gas fired Reznor units had fulfilled their life expectancy and a decision was made to replace the current units with 6no new Reznor UDSA-100 units.

With the roof of the warehouse being 13 meters off the slab, the work had to be carried out on Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) – this was no problem as all of our engineers hold current IPAF Certified Training For Working Height certificates, which enabled us to carry out the work in a much more timely fashion (saving the time and effort of scaffold towers etc). See pics below:

Boiler service and burner replacement – Shoreham Power Station

An existing client that has a maintenance contract in place with us for their boiler room at Shoreham Power Station requested a major service on their 4no Potterton Derwent Prestige boilers.

After completing a thorough clean of the burner, flue ways and heat exchanger we commissioned the boilers back into service but we were unable to get a satisfactory Flue Gas Analysis reading. The Prestige boilers are fantastic units but at 19 years old, time is taking its toll; the decision was thus made to replace all of the burners.

We are pleased to report that following the installation of the new burners and the re-commission of the boilers into use, we achieved the best readings we have ever seen on these units! See below for an idea of what the burners looked like pre-replacement:

Gas line installation – global online retailer

Christmas is around the corner and as one might imagine, retailers are operating in sales overdrive; so when we were commissioned to install a gas line to an existing Lennox Air Handling Unit (AHU) for a global online retailer, the team at CH Systems was prepared to work out of hours so as not to disrupt operations (never a problem for us!).

The work comprised the installation of 80 meters of 76mm Geberit Stainless Gas pipework and fittings, which took place at an ‘above level’ working height  that required the operation of scissor lifts to give us access to the gas line. We opted to use the Novopress ACO203XL pressing tool as this meant we did not have any trailing power leads (created by the height at which we were working) and this managed to avoid any potential Health & Safety safety issues.

See below for images of the installation in process:

Plant room installation and pipework – Royal Chelsea Hospital

Having carried out the enabling works for both the East and West Plant Rooms at the Royal Chelsea Hospital, the CH team moved on to carry out the installation of three Worcester GB162 boilers, supplied with frames and low loss headers to each plant room.

Due to the age of the existing system and a need to prolong the life of the new boilers, a decision was made to install a Plate Heat Exchanger, which offers hydraulic separation between the new and old system whilst allowing the necessary heat transfer to take place.

The team was also tasked with finding a suitable location for the associated Vessels and Pressurisation Units within some very compact/tight spaces. Looking at the images below, you’ll be able to see that usable space is at a premium; as such, a great deal of time was spent in consultation with the client over what would be the best and most acceptable use of the space we had.

This was by no means the largest project we have undertaken but the space constraints proved challenging – the team worked efficiently to get the job done and we are pleased with the end result.  

Freezing and enabling work – Royal Chelsea Hospital

The team at CH Systems is currently on contract at the Royal Chelsea Hospital  – one of our most prestigious projects to date. We won a tender that commissioned the following:

1.Freezing and Enabling work
2.Plant room installation and pipework
3.Below ground pipe gas pipework

The work includes the creation of two small boiler rooms (within existing plant rooms), which are required to supplement the existing heating system during periods of high load. As one might imagine, this is extremely important within the context of a hospital environment.

As part of the ‘enabling’ that had to be carried out prior to commencing work on the boilers, we had to cut into the existing primary pipework within the plant rooms in order to make our connections to the existing system. With a building of this size, draining down the pipework is not an option due to the length of downtime and inconvenience this might cause to hospital guests, so we froze the pipework in the West and East plant rooms (with the help of an expert Pipe Freezing Service) and used liquid nitrogen to stop the flow of water thus enabling work to take place with as little downtime possible.

Because we were under pressure to get the system up and running as soon as possible, we opted for a number of prefabricated sections of 3-inch and 4-inch pipework (on which our welders did an excellent job) that we joined to the existing system without issue. Not being able to thread pipework or weld anything into place, we used the Viega Megapress system, with support from Paul Burkett (this being our first instance of using the megapress), enabling us to press onto medium and heavy weight pipe thus dramatically speeding up the entire process.

We’re still in the midst of completing the project but check out the pics below to get an idea of the the work explained above…and watch this space for further project updates.

Small space boiler installation  – MRM Worldwide

Sometimes, the installation process is like a puzzle – figuring out how to make the best use of the available space in order to ensure a system that is as cost-effective, safe and efficient as possible. The team at CH Systems was recently commissioned for a boiler installation by MRM Worldwide, which turned out to be an interesting challenge.
The work took place in a ‘package plant room’ that was built and assembled off site then craned up into place and essentially “plugged in”. The seven Keston boilers populating this very tight space had reached the end of their serviceable life and needed replacing but due compact nature of this plant room, our only option was to fit four Keston Heat 55 Boilers in the space left when we removed six of the original Keston 170 Boilers.

Keston’s Heat 55 Boiler was the perfect option for this type condensed space as it has been designed to be light weight and offer flexible installation solutions. Every component within the Heat 55 has been carefully selected to ensure maximum reliability and longevity. With simplicity in mind the boiler features a large back lit screen and simple button controls, allowing the user to get the most from their new boiler installation.

Also included in the installation was a compact, fully integrated Flamco Pressurisation unit – again, perfect for a small are. Have a look at the pics below to get a sense of the space we were working with: