Air Handling Unit Installation

Have a look at these temporary Chillers and Air Handling Units, which we installed for a client in Bexhill on the same day as we received the call out. The team was onsite within a couple of hours and able to get everything up and running by the close of play; a critical time pressure as the units hold products of a temperature sensitive nature, the safety of which is ensured through a carefully maintained warehouse environment.

Water tank installation

The team at CH Systems carried out the installation of two temporary water tanks out of hours this week in a London Hotel, which could not have the water supply off for any sustained period of time.

The existing 4000litre tanks were leaking badly and needed to be replaced. We stripped out the existing tanks, installed new ones and completed all pipework modifications over the course of one evening.

A big thank you to the team for their quick, thorough work and an exemplary product on completion.

Check out the before and after…

Ten ways to help your business reduce its carbon footprint

The bigger the business, the bigger the carbon footprint – and the harder you’ll have to work to do your part help reduce global carbon emissions. The good news (for everyone) is that an increasing number of businesses are committed to 100 per cent renewable energy! Here are some practical steps your business (small or large) can take to shrink its footprint:

  1. Proper insulating. Poorly insulated premises require large quantities of energy to heat.
  2. Recycle.
  3. Support businesses (through business deals, purchases etc.) committed to reducing their impact on the climate.
  4. Buy gas and electricity from retailers who sell renewable power – this will grow companies, who can then offer competitive rates.
  5. Drive less. Walking or riding a bike releases far fewer carbon emissions into the atmosphere than driving a car.
  6. Reduce your water usage – encourage employees to take shorter showers, install low flush toilets, be sure to turn off the taps properly.
  7. Air travel is usually the largest component of the carbon footprint of frequent flyers – find an alternative mode of transport (trains?) or not take as many flights.
  8. Replace old gas and oil boilers, which can be wasteful. By replacing your old boiler with a new one (even if the old one is working well), your fuel use could fall by a third or more.
  9. Avoid energy-sapping halogen lights and go with LEDs (light-emitting diodes) where possible.
  10. Consume less. Invest in fewer and better things for your business.

For more ideas on how to reduce your carbon footprint, read “How to reduce your carbon footprint” and “Easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint“.

For all your energy related questions, feel free to contact the CH Systems team on 0208 302 8149 or


The hustle and bustle of the city is unavoidably infectious and London’s Old Street, where we recently completed an entire office block refurbishment, was always a good place to be whilst the project was in process.

The office block consisted of four floors that required the refurbishment of unisex toilet blocks (one per floor) and cleaner’s cupboard as well as a basement level with a shower block – all in compliance with Doc M dwelling regulations (access to and use of buildings).

All the Sanitary and bathrooms have been refitted, greatly improving the overall aesthetic of this property. We carried out a Category A fit out throughout the demise and fitted a Category 5 booster for the irrigation system. Some general context on CAT A and CAT B fit outs:

A Category A fit out varies from developer to developer but most often, it describes the level of fit out provided by the developer to the landlord. Typically, a Cat A fit out includes: raised floors and suspended ceilings, basic mechanical and electrical service, fire detection and protection services, internal surface finishes and blinds. A Cat B fit out is conducted on a space where the external walls and basic flooring, ceilings, M&E services and shared toilets and lifts have been installed. This type of fit out includes: partitioning, finishes and branding, carpeting, meeting rooms, conference rooms, break-out rooms, the reception area, lighting, kitchen facilities, IT and audio visual equipment, and office furniture.

We also installed a new 3000 litre cold water storage tank and then a water heater plus sump pump in the basement serving showers.

The team at CH chose top brands to ensure the longevity of all systems, including: Ariston water heaters, Vitra toilets, Ideal Standard basins and specialist rainwater drainage and gutter systems in the Saint-Gobain heritage range. All condensates were installed in HDPE with Hepworth HepVo traps and basement pipework was fitted in George Fischer ABS.

All soil and waste systems were fitted in HDPE Geberit and domestic services copper in Geberit Mapress, and WC frames also in Geberit.

Have a look at the final result:


Long-term installation projects are intense, typically requiring round-the-clock attention and the ability to deliver and adapt ideas when plans are sometimes curtailed by building complications – but the end result is always deeply rewarding.

The team at CH was commissioned for an entire penthouse refurbishment in an occupied building. The project took 12 months to complete and the final look is a modern, sophisticated apartment that emanates professionalism. Check it out:

Much of the work we did is hidden by the slick interior of the apartment but is essential to the comfort and overall livability of the residence. Part of the installation work included refurbishment of the: underfloor heating and AC system; domestic hot and cold plus low temperature hot water (LTHW) and gas systems; above ground soil and waste systems as well as the installation of Villeroy & Boch sanitary ware.

The boiler plant required a specialist flue due to its location and a new gas pipe was installed running from the riser into the demise, with Quooker taps fitted throughout. All pipework was installed in copper with Yorkshire Fittings and all soil and waste pipework is in Terrain. The installed brassware is high end Waterworks and the WC frames are Geberit.

The penthouse includes some killer features that we enjoyed perfecting: two gas fires and an outside barbecue (all feeding off the main supply) plus a steam room and sauna – with all control valves, including solenoids, fitted to comply.

We enjoyed the magnitude and dynamic nature of this project, and the team at CH is hugely pleased with the end result.