Ductwork and ventilation

Many commercial premises are heated, ventilated or air conditioned by what’s known as a ‘forced air system’ – a method of cooling the interior climate of a building, usually accomplished through a ductwork service.

Ductwork and ventilation installation are fundamental to the functionality of a building, commercial or other. Attending to HVAC systems by ensuring constant and efficient performance is vital to proper building maintenance, and the engineers at CH Systems are here to help!

With experience carrying out ductwork and maintenance as well as large-scale ventilation installation and entire system design services, our team is qualified to meet the bespoke needs of your premises.

Professional air duct cleaning will entail an inspection of the ducts and the removal of any debris, such as: viruses, bacteria, mould, pollen and insects – all of which are common forms of ‘duct dirt’. We’re proficient in all types of ductwork, including: sheet metal, fire rated, cool duct and PVC, and also specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of systems.

Regular ventilation maintenance will ensure that your HVAC system is fully functioning; leaving rooms well ventilated and bacteria free.

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