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Boiler cashback for small and medium sized businesses in London

Heard of the Cleaner Heat Cashback scheme? If you’re a small to medium sized business (SME) based in London, this is something for you! The Mayor of London is funding an offering that will enable SMEs to claim 30 to 40 percent cashback when replacing an older, inefficient heating system with a new, cleaner one. […]

Top tips for business gas safety

According to the Gas Safety (Instillation & Use) Regulations of 1998… “It’s the duty of every employer or self-employed person to ensure that any gas appliance, installation pipe work or flue installed at any place of work under their control is maintained in a safe condition so as to prevent risk or injury to any […]

When to call a professional plumber

There are times when the handyman at work will be able to fix a clogged toilet or a slow drain with a plunger and a little elbow grease, and there are also times when he won’t. Sometimes, problems will require a professional in order to avoid major property damage and extortionate costs; the question is, […]

Aldi RDC – Isle of Sheppey

CH Systems secured the pipework installation contract on the new Aldi Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) in June 2017. The new £50m RDC has created around 400 new jobs and measures more than 40,000 square foot. Have a look at the below pics for an idea of the scale of the project: Our scope of work […]

Cafe Brera Canary Wharf

One of our most recent projects was an assist on a café that was being stripped and remodelled to accommodate a new design. The work we did included the installation of a Heatrae Sadia unvented MegaFlo, which serves the domestic hot water outlets. (All the domestic pipework has been installed in Geberit Mapress copper.)

AAH Ruislip

The ‘Ruislip project’ is a great example of the lateral thinking that is often required in the type of contract work that the team at CH Systems is recruited to do. In this instance, an existing building on the site in question was to be demolished and all the service pipework for 3 Sanyo Gas […]

BBC Allis Studio

CH Systems worked alongside Soho House and ATS on a project that entailed the mechanical fit out of the Allis Bar, as part of an overall  revamp of the BBC’s Television Centre. The project was time sensitive, with a definitive date for the opening the Bar (that was set in stone), which meant late nights and […]

Why businesses should consider the WHOLE life costing of a boiler

It’s important, when looking at the cost of a new boiler, to consider the ‘whole life cost’ of the product rather than just the initial purchase price. When working to a budget it’s easy to be distracted by the capital cost of a new boiler and how it will affect finances short term, forgetting the […]

5 reasons why summer is the best time for businesses to replace a boiler

When we’re in the throes of an epic British summer, boiler maintenance is not likely to make the top of any company’s priority list. That said, there are many reasons why NOW is, in fact, the best time to replace a boiler: Engineers are busy in winter: boilers break, pipes freeze and engineers are helter-skelter […]

How employees can help businesses save on energy

If you’re a small business owner, you’ll know that energy saving only works if everyone pitches in to do their bit. It’s your job to motivate and incentivise, and you’ll find that people are usually more than willing to put the effort into saving the environment and keeping costs down at work. Here are some […]