How to create a business energy strategy for 2021

With green recovery driving the government’s economic policy and the UK on a mission to decarbonise all of its sectors, businesses will need to be strategic and forward thinking in their energy use and policy. Here are some top tips to help businesses achieve this great goal of sustainability:

  • Understanding – what are the needs of your business? To make predictions on how much power you will need now, and in the future, you must first understand how energy drives production and value in your company.
  • Assessment – how much energy does your business use? Who supplies this energy? What is the environmental impact of your business?
  • Targets – once you have figured out the why and how, you can begin to adapt. Setting both short-term and long-term targets for your business is essential to reducing your carbon footprint. The ultimate goal is to be a carbon-neutral business.
  • Engagement – employees, from senior management down to executives, need to buy-in to the business’s ‘go green’ policy for targets to be met. Communication is key here.
  • Leadership – assign the ‘energy reduction/management’ project to someone in the business, who can lead and champion sustainable energy use across the entire organisation.
  • Creativity – it’s likely that your business will have to balance economic and environmental priorities, which might require some lateral thinking to meet targets. Alternative sources of energy, like battery storage or solar power, can minimise costs and reduce carbon emissions – be open to using different sources.
  • Accountability – track your progress (there is great software available to monitor energy use) and assess the results at regular intervals, adjusting your strategy in order to meet targets.

The reality is that businesses don’t really have a choice in the matter – the country is going green and companies (as well as homeowners and road users) need to get on board; it is exciting to be a part of an initiative to save our planet.

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