Could your business benefit from an Energy Manager?

What is an Energy Manager and might your business need one? Both fair questions – and definitely worth answering, as sweeping environmental, social and business trends force energy to climb the corporate agenda. Harvard Business Review describes the ‘megatrends’ that are changing the context in which businesses operate, as; climate change and global carbon regulation, increasing pressures on natural resources, rising expectations about corporate environmental performance, innovations in energy technologies and business models, and plummeting renewable energy prices.

Many forward-thinking companies have bought into the concept of an Energy Manager, who is expected to use any and all tools at his or her disposal – from auditing existing measures to incorporating the latest technologies – to identify inefficiencies, shape energy best practices within the organisation and optimise the relationship between energy use and the bottom line. describes the objective of an Energy Manager as follows:

An Energy Manager’s main role is to improve an organisation’s energy productivity by planning, monitoring and improving energy use across all operations, while ensuring that all efforts have a positive impact on the business’s bottom line.

The Energy Manager’s influence is felt in a number of areas of an organisation, including resource management, budgeting, operations, sustainability efforts, corporate responsibility, government or industry compliance, and energy efficiency.

Ultimately, an Energy Manager is there to save your business money within the parameters of a contemporary operational axis. To find out more about the job responsibilities and requirements of an Enery Manager, as well as other considerations, read “The Definitive Energy Manager Job Description” on

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