British-made bathroom fittings come out top!

If you’re looking for a commercial plumbing service to work a job on any bathroom unit(s) located on your business premises, you’ll be interested to know that the majority of tradespeople favour British-made bathroom fittings.

New research by has revealed that 47 per cent of tradespeople – who work with bathroom fixtures and fittings on a daily basis – believe that the UK produces the most reliable bathroom fittings and products. China ranked second on the ‘reliability-o-metre’, with 19 per cent of the votes, and Germany was third with 13 per cent of the votes.

Those tradespeople using British-made bathroom fittings felt that over and above being reliable, the products have better longevity and many preferred the design and style of the British products to those manufactured elsewhere. The British-loving plumbers who took part in the study also said that when issues arise with British bathroom fittings they tend to be easier to fix than ‘outsider products’ and that Replacement fittings are easier to source if they are ‘home-grown’.

Of the 1000+ tradespeople surveyed, 62 per cent definitely take into account where a product is manufactured before buying and 38 per cent claimed not to care “as long as it did the job”.

This is all very relevant information if you are having a plumbing job done on your property.

Reliable fittings are the most cost-effective option, as they last longer and are easier to fix or replace if necessary. It might be worth your while asking your pluming service what fittings it prefers, and why. After all – it’s your business and you are the one paying for the work (and goods), so don’t feel awkward getting involved!

Always ask questions – any good industrial plumbing service provider will be happy to answer.

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