High pressure gas purge – MCSBS

In order to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of a Hamworthy Gas Fired Water Heater with an onsite gas carcass running at 35mb (not common place), the CH Systems team opted to decommission the gas line to fit a local Governor serving the water heater. Once the pipework modifications were carried out we returned the pipework into service and conducted a tightness test as well as a purge back to Natural Gas.

Decommissioning, tightness testing and purging are carried out on existing or new gas pipework installations to ensure that the industrial and commercial gas pipework is safe for use, or continued use, and will not be rendered a hazard or cause an unsafe situation. The high pressures produced by this particular system required both experience and skill on the part of our engineers. See the below pics for an idea of what the job entailed:

Trinity School, Croydon

CH Systems carried out a decommission, strength test and purge to gas at Trinity School in Croydon following the discovery of a leak in the below ground pipework. We are glad to say that the job was completed safely.




IKEA Croydon

CH Systems carried out a purge and decommission of a 200mm gas line feeding the boilers and kitchen on site at IKEA Croydon. The existing Black Teknigas Powerseat solenoid valve had failed and was leaking hydraulic fluid.

The project was completed successfully whilst making sure that client safety was prioritised at all times.







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