Why business owners are worried about “switching off”

New research by outsourced communications provider Moneypenny has revealed that millennials are more likely to want time offline than other generational groups.

The amount of time spent with phone and email access is a particular problem for 25-34 year olds, 73 per cent of whom would like time switched off from their devices, compared with 53 per cent of 45-54 year olds, and 40 per cent for over 55s. The survey also revealed that millennials are more proactive than their older work colleagues in trying to spend time disconnected from work: 38 per cent of 25-34s compared with 21 per cent of 45-54s.

And yet in spite of the desire to disconnect there is a persisting worry over the consequences of switching off – a trend shown to be more prevalent in millennial business owners, of whom only 9 per cent were not worried about disconnecting. In the older age group (45-54), 40 per cent of business owners had no worries about time away from technology.

The reason business owners might choose to keep connected even when they’d prefer a break is because they’re concerned they’ll miss customers (22 per cent), that the admin will pile up (21 per cent) or that they’ll be held responsible for something going wrong when offline.

All valid concerns and yet business owners  frequently ignoring their mobiles, with 28 per cent ignoring calls from clients and 56 per cent ignoring calls from friends and family.

Joanna Swash, MD of Moneypenny, commented: “Fortunately there is a wealth of solutions available to ensure business keeps working during the holidays, from virtual PAs to automated answering systems, so there’s no reason to be taking calls from the sun lounger.”

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