Why your boiler might need a service this summer

Common perception is that boilers are put under strain in winter months but recent research by ADEY Professional Heating Solutions suggests that demand for hot water (if not heating) increases in summer.

Of the 2,000 participants who took part in the study, almost one in five of those surveyed are likely to shower more than once a day at some point in the week, up from around one in 10 people during winter months. Seventy per cent of participants also articulated a preference for showers rather than baths, compared to 55 per cent in winter.

It is summer after all – more people are engaging in physical activity, with a third of people saying they either work out or play a sport that requires a shower or bath afterwards – between twice and as many as six times in a week. This means that gyms are likely to have their boilers running at maximum capacity! There’ll probably also be loads more employees cycling to work, which means that companies with shower facilities might also be confronted with boiler exertion.

Businesses should be aware that although system protection seems to be punted by the heating industry in winter, if boiler(s) have not been serviced in the last 12 months (as per industry standard), neglecting it in the summer under the assumption that it’s not being put under strain is probably unwise.

Boiler breakdown is not only costly but entirely inconvenient, especially if you’re a business aiming to keep employees happy (no one wants to sit next to a sweaty cyclist!) as well as save on overheads.

Service your boiler!

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Source: – “Silent summer strain on boilers”