How ‘point of use’ water heating can save your business money

The amount of time, water and energy that is wasted waiting for water to heat up can be a seriously exponential affair, especially if it’s happening en masse; imagine a whole business of people running tap water until it warms – to wash hands or to add hot water to a kettle –it could easily be called a misuse of resources. Translate the waste to cost and suddenly a solution becomes a business priority. Luckily, there is one.

‘Point of use’ water heating systems aim to cut waste by heating water instantly at the point of use. Research by Redring Xpelair Group (the shower, water heating and ventilation solution manufacturer) has revealed that seven in 10 office workers spend more than 10 minutes a day boiling the kettle, with 7 per cent admitting to spending over an hour each day making hot drinks for themselves and their colleagues. Who knew a cup of tea could be so expensive, all things considered? To combat the unnecessary squander of time and money, Redring’s new Sensaboil range is offers an efficient answer to waste. The system is suitable for commercial applications where regular access to instant hot water for hot drinks is required. The boiler tanks are manufactured in catering grade stainless steel to avoid corrosion and taste or taint issues. There are a range of sizes and finishes, and the best thing of all: hot tea on demand.

When it comes to water for washing hands (and no one likes it cold), the product best suited to commercial use is a hand-wash unit, which is a small, electrically powered unit that heats water instantly as it flows through the product. Hand wash units are wall mountable and their compact dimensions offer a small footprint, making them suitable for rooms with limited space.

An estimation by Redring suggests that the world wastes 18 billion litres of water every day waiting for it to get hot. Not only could point of use water heating cut overheads but it is one small step in the immense global warming war the world is fighting to fix, making it great for your conscience as well as your bank account.

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