Why a wall-hung boiler could be the right option for your business

If you’re considering a new boiler for your business, a wall-hung (aka wall mounted) boiler might be the way to go. They have the benefit of being smaller than traditional boilers meaning they are easier to handle and can be installed side-by-side in a modular boiler arrangement.

A wall-hung boiler might look like a small hinged cupboard but it is a fully staffed boiler system, equipped with an expansion tank, safety valve, and a water circulation pump. It’s the perfect option for a small space in which there is no place for the installation of larger equipment.

Wall-hung boilers are also likely to cost less and don’t necessarily have to be mounted on an existing wall. In many cases where an existing wall wouldn’t support the weight of the boiler, steel floor standing frames can be used. This option comes with the advantage of factory built and tested pipe kits already in place.

There are various wall-hung boiler options available on the market but Vaillant has just announced the launch of its first high output boiler in over 10 years (available since May 1), which is being manufactured in the UK at Vaillant’s Belper headquarters. The ecoTEC 48kw and 64kw are described as lighter, smaller and more compact solutions than previous wall-hung models. Customers will also be able to reap the benefits of greater efficiencies, with the products being up to ErP A+ rated when installed alongside controls.

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How innovative installation makes your business energy efficient

One of the biggest energy-related challenges for owners of businesses that operate out of commercial buildings – schools, restaurants, supermarkets, offices, gyms etc. – is finding a heating and hot water system that can keep up with the demand, at a reasonable price. Saving energy, for ethical reasons as well as money-saving targets, is no mean feat. But there are ways…

Thinking outside of the box with innovative installations is one way to cut overheads. Heating manufacturer Vokèra is currently working with UK business owners to reduce usage and costs, as reported by Two recent projects include the replacement of a 43-year-old oil roof-top boiler with a floor standing modular unit, which enabled the building in question to be heated to temperature in a mere 20 minutes.

Another project saw oil boilers replaced with the energy-efficient CondexaPRO, alongside new insulation, high-efficient glazing and LED lighting; the building now saves almost 980,000 kWh per annum.

Cascade configuration is also a good way to ensure that the output of the heating system meets the demand of a large property. Boilers that have been designed for modular systems will work well in commercial applications. If the demand within the building is high, then all boilers in the system can be working together, but, if the heating requirement drops, each appliance can be individually controlled and turned off to match the lower demand.

Vokèra is just one brand committed to helping business save money with energy efficient installations, there are also others – Worcester/Bosch, Reznor, Vaillant, (to mention a few), which are all committed to making energy efficiency commercially viable for both smaller and larger businesses.

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Vaillant 1 millionth boiler

To celebrate the installation of its one millionth ecoTEC high efficiency condensing boiler in the UK, Vaillant has awarded £2,000 worth of holiday vouchers to homeowner Barry Stevens, who had the Vaillant fitted in his property, and installer Adrian Rigden. The lucky winners were presented with their prize vouchers by Vaillant’s Brand Marketing Manager, Ian Johnson at Mr Steven’s home in Ramsgate.

The one millionth Vaillant boiler – an ecoTEC plus 831 high efficiency combination boiler – was also awarded ‘Best Buy’ by the leading Which? consumer publication in 2010. As every boiler has its own unique serial number, the location of the one millionth boiler was automatically identified when the customer registered his Vaillant guarantee.

Adrian Rigden, who installed the boiler, said: “I always fit Vaillant boilers. They are top quality, highly efficient products that are also extremely reliable. Once I had installed Barry’s boiler, it was simply a matter of explaining the controls to him and that was it – a straightforward installation, as I’ve come to expect from such a renowned manufacturer.” 

Upon receiving his prize, a delighted Barry Stevens said: “I wasn’t expecting this at all, what a wonderful surprise. When Adrian recommended the Vaillant boiler, he explained that it would be simple to use and could reduce my heating bill – these holiday vouchers are an added bonus.” 

Ian Johnson, Brand Marketing Manager at Vaillant, added: “As part of Vaillant’s continued commitment to its installer partners and customers, it is a pleasure to be able to congratulate and reward both Barry and Adrian with £1,000 of holiday vouchers each. Furthermore, the one millionth ecoTEC boiler will help Barry enjoy savings of over a third on his heating bills, while significantly reducing his carbon footprint.”

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