Boiler Installation

A recent commission saw the team at CH Systems working in a small plant room to replace two floor standing Potterton Kingfisher boilers with two 50Kw Potterton Sirius condensing boilers. As the existing system was of some age we also installed a plate heat exchanger along with new pumps and gas line. Check it out…

New tool set to help businesses reduce energy costs

Panoramic Power is a new energy measurement management tool launched by British Gas in an effort to help businesses reduce costs. It aims to help strategically align people, processes, and technology with financial, operational and environmental objectives.

The tool combines cloud-based analytics with real time measurement of individual electronic devices and machinery to bring transparency and visibility to energy use. The resulting data produces actionable insights that will in turn improve operational excellence and business performance.

By helping customers understand and take control of their energy, businesses will in turn save money and drive operational performance. The initiative claims to deliver an ROI for customers with an enterprise solution that is affordable, flexible and scalable enough to deliver a comprehensive set of energy management and operational services which also support corporate social responsibility and sustainability programs.

According to a report by Energy Live News Gab Barbaro, MD of Big Six supplier Centrica’s UK Business division, says of the initiative:

“Between them, British businesses are currently spending around £20 billion a year on energy. I believe that in future we could help them bring that down by 10 to 20 per cent through distributed energy solutions.

“With Panoramic Power we’re offering energy intensive users real insights to help them bring down their energy usage. More fundamentally though, we can use it to help businesses make decisions about where distributed energy technologies can be of most use to them and to their bottom line.”

To date, Panoramic Power has rolled out 35,000 sensors in 30 countries, bringing energy insights to customers across 1,000 sites.

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Source: – “New British Gas tool to help businesses cut energy costs”

BT campaign encourages sport fans to champion sustainability in the workplace

As a business owner, it’s one thing adopting sustainable energy practices in the workplace but another thing entirely is getting employees to buy into it…but there is a way!

According to a poll taken in a recent meeting between telecoms giant BT and delegates from the sports industry plus sustainability experts from around the world, more than half (55 per cent) of those present agreed that sports fans and team mates are the best way to influence others to take action on climate change.

If businesses can turn their resident sports fan into a sustainability champion, they’ll be on their way to meeting target reductions, savings on costs and achieving sustainability goals.

In an effort to encourage sports fans to ‘fight the good fight’, BT has teamed up with Olympic and America’s Cup sailor Sir Ben Ainslie to launch “100% Sport” – a global campaign aimed at inspiring sports fans around the world to take action to tackle climate change and reduce carbon emissions by using renewable energy.

This initiative offers a platform for individual sports fans, athletes like Sir Ben Ainslie, sports teams and clubs as well as partners, to speak out on a global scale in support of renewable energy – making it the new ‘norm’. Ainslie’s team, as an example, is now pioneering fuel-efficient boats made from recyclable composites, working with sustainability partner 11th Hour Racing. Its new team base is also powered through only solar and renewable energy sources.

Is there a sailing fan occupying a cubicle in your office? Someone who could be your company’s sustainability champion? You may never even know it, which is why Steve Malkin from GreenWise business has put together a five step programme that will help you to engage the sports fan in your business:

  • Take a survey – surveying your staff is great first step to unlocking the talent within your organisation to make change happen. Planet First’s ‘Sustainability Engagement Survey’ can help you find the ‘positive greens’ within your organisation. But remember to also ask them what sport team they follow and what their favourite sport is.
  • Make a pledge – sport is a great activity around which to launch a pledging campaign for a sustainable initiative. Do Nation, a Planet First partner, offers an online pledging app to enable individuals or organisations to do this.
  • Work in the community – explore how you and your staff could lend a hand to do something positive for your local sports club. Local councils demand that sports clubs get involved in their local communities, so they’ll probably bite your hand off if you get in touch and offer your services,
  • Reward positive action – make it worthwhile for those sports fans in your organisation who want to do something positive. In return for taking action on climate change, reward them with a ticket to see their favourite team play, for example.
  • Get in touch – with a sustainability engagement specialist who will help you make your engagement programme really take off.

Ben Ainslie says of the initiative; “I believe sport can extend far beyond the race course, the pitch or the court. We have a unique opportunity to harness the power of fans around the world. Because when we come together, we can have a huge impact.”

Rallying support for renewable energy in your company could not only change the way you do business (for the better) but it’s also one step closer to changing the world!

For more information on the “100% Sport” campaign, visit the BT Website and for more detail on how to get sports fans in your business involved, read “5 ways to turn the sport fan in your workplace into a sustainability champion” at

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