Pipework – Cambridge

Check out the neat work on this Geberit Mapress job the CH Systems teamcarried out in Cambridge; this installation feeds a Heat Recovery System providing hot water for the on site kitchens:

Boiler Installation

A recent commission saw the team at CH Systems working in a small plant room to replace two floor standing Potterton Kingfisher boilers with two 50Kw Potterton Sirius condensing boilers. As the existing system was of some age we also installed a plate heat exchanger along with new pumps and gas line. Check it out…

Gas Run

With all pipework installed, tested, purged and commissioned, here’s a gas run in 76mm Stainless Steel Xpress that serves a new Lennox Benelux BV AHUAll…

Air Handling Unit Installation

Have a look at these temporary Chillers and Air Handling Units, which we installed for a client in Bexhill on the same day as we received the call out. The team was onsite within a couple of hours and able to get everything up and running by the close of play; a critical time pressure as the units hold products of a temperature sensitive nature, the safety of which is ensured through a carefully maintained warehouse environment.

Freezing and enabling work – Royal Chelsea Hospital

The team at CH Systems is currently on contract at the Royal Chelsea Hospital  – one of our most prestigious projects to date. We won a tender that commissioned the following:

1.Freezing and Enabling work
2.Plant room installation and pipework
3.Below ground pipe gas pipework

The work includes the creation of two small boiler rooms (within existing plant rooms), which are required to supplement the existing heating system during periods of high load. As one might imagine, this is extremely important within the context of a hospital environment.

As part of the ‘enabling’ that had to be carried out prior to commencing work on the boilers, we had to cut into the existing primary pipework within the plant rooms in order to make our connections to the existing system. With a building of this size, draining down the pipework is not an option due to the length of downtime and inconvenience this might cause to hospital guests, so we froze the pipework in the West and East plant rooms (with the help of an expert Pipe Freezing Service) and used liquid nitrogen to stop the flow of water thus enabling work to take place with as little downtime possible.

Because we were under pressure to get the system up and running as soon as possible, we opted for a number of prefabricated sections of 3-inch and 4-inch pipework (on which our welders did an excellent job) that we joined to the existing system without issue. Not being able to thread pipework or weld anything into place, we used the Viega Megapress system, with support from Paul Burkett (this being our first instance of using the megapress), enabling us to press onto medium and heavy weight pipe thus dramatically speeding up the entire process.

We’re still in the midst of completing the project but check out the pics below to get an idea of the the work explained above…and watch this space for further project updates.

Major Supermarket Ashford

A major supermarket commissioned CH Systems for a pipework installation to two air handling units in its Ashford branch. The project involved up-sizing the heating pipework to two of the roof mounted AHUs. The coils on the AHUs were replaced and the units themselves were overhauled at the same time that the pipework was being installed.

All the heating in this store is generated by air-source and ground source pumps.

All the pipework on this site was Geberit Mapress and because of the project location, we carried out all the crimping with a Novopress XL pressing tool, which is cordless and enabled us to carry out the installation timorously.

We’re really proud of how this project turned out. If you have any questions, please do contact us directly.

139 Kensington High Street, W8

CH Systems recently completed a Plumbing, Heating & Ventilation installation in 9-apartment building in Kensington, London W8.

We installed a communal Scuba Tank (booster set) provided by Duty point to provide boosted mains water to each of the of 9 apartments. The apartments incorporate Nuaire extraction units for the kitchens/bathrooms & Ariston boilers/water heaters providing the heating and hot water throughout.

All the pipework, for the heating and domestic services, has been installed in Uponor PEx and all the soil and waste pipework has been installed in Geberit HDPE.

Using the aforementioned materials has allowed us a trouble-free, high quality installation, and enabled a plumbing, heating and ventilation system that can be trusted.





Supermarket chiller pipework

CH Systems carried out a repipe on two Aermec Chillers at a national supermarket’s online warehouse. The project included remaking both the flow and return pipework in Class “C” ABS, which turned out to be pretty challenging as it was a sunny day and this dramatically accelerated the drying time of the glue. However, with some good planning and scheduling of the work, we managed to complete on time and were able to hand over a leak free installation.


Mill Farm Hounslow

CH Systems has been on site for eight weeks, working on a new build project in Hounslow. We’re currently at 70 per cent completion but thought it a good time to log our progress, and give a shout out to the quality materials that are making this a trouble-free installation:

The development comprises of 24 timber frame flats and houses, each incorporating a NuAire MVHR, providing both fresh air and extraction, as well as Worcester boilers, providing both heating and hot water. All the pipework for the heating and domestic services has been installed in Uponor PEx and all the soil and waste pipework has been installed in Geberit HDPE.

Using materials we trust, through experience, ensures the longevity that we require on the systems we produce. The team is looking forward to the end of yet another successful job.