Optimise your business’s energy use with Panoramic Power

All businesses hope to operate as efficiently and cost effectively as possible – to maximise revenue and profit. One of many variables in the process of ‘successful business operation’ is optimising energy use; turning energy from a commodity cost to a value-adding resource could give you the edge over your competition – at least, that’s what Panoramic Power promises.

As an energy insight solution, Panoramic Power allows you see exactly how your business uses energy. It’s comprised of self-powered, wireless sensors that transmit real-time data from your energy-using equipment to a cloud-based analytics platform, PowerRadar. The point of the data is to help your business optimise performance, and also deal with potential equipment failures before they happen as well as reduce energy inefficiencies.

With the exact knowledge of how your energy is spent (per device!) you’ll be able to predict potential equipment failures before they happen as well as curtail business risk by making changes to reduce, if not eliminate, energy waste. This will not only improve operational efficiency but reduce energy bills and enable managers to direct budget.

Panoramic power is an interesting concept and is currently operational in 30 countries, including the UK. It’s ideal for any business looking to gain insights into energy consumption with minimum disruption and maximum cost-effectiveness. For more information, check out

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