Top tips for downsizing your office space

With home-working a way of life for the foreseeable future, many businesses are downsizing their office space to save on overheads. Relocating is a great chance to re-evaluate your workspace; here are some top tips that will help you go smaller, easier:

      De-clutter – ditch equipment that no longer serves a purpose (and is not essential in your new, smaller space); you won’t want to waste time and money transporting IT equipment, desks and other office supplies that you don’t need.
      Space Saving Storage – if you need new furniture, maximise your smaller office space with pieces that have multiple uses; that double up as storage space, for example.
      Upgrade your tech – a new office is like a fresh start; if there’s any outdated IT equipment that you’ve been putting of updating, do it! Not only will it improve efficiency but it is also likely to be smaller and more streamlined, which will suit your reduced workspace.
      Outsource – think carefully about the function of your office, meetings in particular – how frequent they are and how much space you need – and decide whether it might be more cost-efficient to hire a conference room or meeting space in your local area.
      Clever design – you can make your new, smaller office appear spacious with some clever interior design tricks, such as bright or light paint, clear partitions, light-reflecting surfaces etc. that can create the illusion of space.

Importantly, don’t forget to alert your service providers when you move, and set up new accounts at your new address. Likely, smaller premises will also result in a reduction in energy – another handy business saving!

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