Why accurate metre readings will cut business costs

One way to reduce your business overheads is to provide accurate readings from your energy meter – both gas and electricity.

Reading a meter is a quick task that might seem menial and is thus easily overlooked but if you do not supply meter readings, your supplier will work out your bill according to an estimate. Estimates are normally quite accurate but accuracy is preferable, especially when you are paying for it.

If you, the business owner or manager, are in control of the supplied readings, you’re sure to be paying only for the amount of energy you use. You’ll get up to date, accurate energy bills, without the risk of paying too much or too little (which can come along with an unwelcome surprise!).
Another good reason to submit regular meter readings is that you’ll be immediately aware of anything strange going on with the appliances that fuel the energy used by your business – perhaps your boiler is faulty or the lights are being mistakenly left on, or the like, resulting in an unusual reading, which affords you the opportunity to figure out the problem and correct it timeously.

The easiest way to submit a meter reading is online but it can be done over the phone as well (although we all know how annoying being placed on hold over a busy line can be). If there is just no way that you can allot time to meter reading, a good solution is to appoint someone to be in charge of energy consumption – and then you get the result without the hassle.
And if your micro-business does not have the time or spare bodies to read meters, what about a smart meter?

A smart meter is a ‘next generation’ energy meter that will send electronic meter readings to your energy supplier automatically – for both gas and electricity. Some of them even come with ‘in-house’ displays that give you real-time feedback on your energy usage and what it is costing, allowing for better oversight and management of your energy use.

Although the smart metre itself won’t save you money, it will save you the time it takes to submit an accurate meter reading – and it is this accuracy that will reduce your business overheads.

Your energy supplier will outfit your business premises with a smart meter, so give them a call to find out whether they are doing smart meter installations as it’s a relatively new scheme.

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