Major Supermarket, Pimlico

In October 2017, we were instructed to carry out works for a major supermarket based in Central London.

Our experienced engineers stripped out four boilers and replaced these with Ideal Tormax 100 boilers, as well as installing a Megaflo 500 litre commercial hot water cylinder.

We used materials including Gebrit Mapress pipe and fittings, as well as Grundfos twin head pumps, which are more reliable and energy-efficient.

Low carbon steel was used for the heating system, which is not only better for the environment but is proven to be a better product due to its corrosion resistance. Stainless steel was used on the gas supply. By using Ideal frame headers and the Gebrit system as opposed to traditional materials, the installation time was substantially improved.

If you’d like further information on our involvement with this project, feel free to contact the CH Systems team on 0208 302 8149 or

Supermarket boiler upgrade

CH Systems recently assisted in a boiler upgrade for a national supermarket chain.

The works included disconnecting and stripping out three Chaffoteaux Flexiflame 420s that were no longer functional and beyond repair. The team installed three Ideal Evomax boilers in a Cascade; all the pipework was installed in Geberit Mapress low carbon steel, and the flue system was of a “flue dilution” type as this greatly increases options in terms of siting the replacement boilers.

Within the scope of the project, we also replaced a number of seized Crane gate valves, re-sited the Primary Grundfos pump, converted the heating system from open vent to a sealed system; incorporating a new Pressurisation unit and installation of an expansion vessel.



Could Smart Heating Technology save your small business money?

Word on the street is: consumers are demanding greater control from their heating system. In a recent survey by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), nearly half of UK homeowners say they’re keen to invest in intelligent thermostats. The consumer-habits study also revealed that:

    A fifth of all householders find their existing heating system ‘very difficult’ to control

  • A quarter say their system is old and inefficient.
  • A quarter of householders would invest in a secondary heating system because their existing thermostat is too cumbersome to understand.
  • 40 per cent of householders say they are planning to install new heating controls in the long-term.

The question is – how do these findings relate to your small business? Do you find your heating systems cumbersome, confusing and difficult to manage? Intelligent, or ‘smart,’ thermostats are a current trend in homeownership but if you’re the keeper of a High Street store, a hairdresser or perhaps a beauty salon (and the like) – the stats could be of interest to you.

The survey highlighted the growth in smartphones and app-based technology, which has created a new demand for boilers that can be controlled via mobile devices. Others seek systems that offer greater level of manual control, such as timers, valves and thermostats – as reported by

The typical problem with heating is that it’s either on or off – with no way to determine the temperature a home or office is heated to. If you could control this; if you could have increased command over your work-place thermostat, do you think that you’d spend less on energy?

The consumer insights offered by the EST are a great source of information and education, and could help you achieve an energy-efficient business with minimum effort and fuss.

If you’d like further information, feel free to contact the CH Systems team on 0208 302 8149 or