Plantroom – White City

The Plantroom that the CH Systems team has been working on in the BBC’s former home at White City has now been completed and commissioned. This serves a three-screen cinema, bar area, multiple toilet blocks and a back-of-house area.

Have a look at the final product…

Gas Pipework Installation

The team at CH Systems carried out a a small Gas Pipework installation in Tonbridge For Scarab Sweepers; an interesting site to work at with lots of fabrication of their product going on in house including powder coating, welding and assembly.

Great to see British industry operating at this level!


The hustle and bustle of the city is unavoidably infectious and London’s Old Street, where we recently completed an entire office block refurbishment, was always a good place to be whilst the project was in process.

The office block consisted of four floors that required the refurbishment of unisex toilet blocks (one per floor) and cleaner’s cupboard as well as a basement level with a shower block – all in compliance with Doc M dwelling regulations (access to and use of buildings).

All the Sanitary and bathrooms have been refitted, greatly improving the overall aesthetic of this property. We carried out a Category A fit out throughout the demise and fitted a Category 5 booster for the irrigation system. Some general context on CAT A and CAT B fit outs:

A Category A fit out varies from developer to developer but most often, it describes the level of fit out provided by the developer to the landlord. Typically, a Cat A fit out includes: raised floors and suspended ceilings, basic mechanical and electrical service, fire detection and protection services, internal surface finishes and blinds. A Cat B fit out is conducted on a space where the external walls and basic flooring, ceilings, M&E services and shared toilets and lifts have been installed. This type of fit out includes: partitioning, finishes and branding, carpeting, meeting rooms, conference rooms, break-out rooms, the reception area, lighting, kitchen facilities, IT and audio visual equipment, and office furniture.

We also installed a new 3000 litre cold water storage tank and then a water heater plus sump pump in the basement serving showers.

The team at CH chose top brands to ensure the longevity of all systems, including: Ariston water heaters, Vitra toilets, Ideal Standard basins and specialist rainwater drainage and gutter systems in the Saint-Gobain heritage range. All condensates were installed in HDPE with Hepworth HepVo traps and basement pipework was fitted in George Fischer ABS.

All soil and waste systems were fitted in HDPE Geberit and domestic services copper in Geberit Mapress, and WC frames also in Geberit.

Have a look at the final result:

Aldi RDC – Isle of Sheppey

CH Systems secured the pipework installation contract on the new Aldi Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) in June 2017. The new £50m RDC has created around 400 new jobs and measures more than 40,000 square foot. Have a look at the below pics for an idea of the scale of the project:

Our scope of work included:

  • 136no Fan coil units on a 4 pipe system
  • all the LTHW & CHW pipework on this system which was Geberit stainless steel mapress
  • 3no Plant rooms incorporating the 2no Viessmann boilers
  • 2no Beta Echos chillers and 2no Barkell air handling units
  • Over 500meters of welded gas pipe serving 9no Reznor warm air unit heaters
  • 2no Vaillant air source heat pumps
  • 1no GRP water tank and pumps.

All of the Domestic water services pipework was installed in Geberit Copper Mapress with all the valves on the project manufactured by Crane.

Once again we received fantastic support from our suppliers and the engineers involved in the project proved why they are an invaluable part of our team.

We recently achieved Prime Cost (PC) on this project, which makes it the longest running and largest project we have carried out to date.

AAH Ruislip

The ‘Ruislip project’ is a great example of the lateral thinking that is often required in the type of contract work that the team at CH Systems is recruited to do. In this instance, an existing building on the site in question was to be demolished and all the service pipework for 3 Sanyo Gas Fired Heat Pumps was fixed to this building. Our team was contracted to run three new refrigerant circuits as well as a new natural gas line to feed each unit. Have a look:

The team carried out some very tidy welding on the 4-inch branch that we tied in to the existing 6-inch gas line with the remainder of the natural gas pipework being run in Geberit stainless steel pipework and fittings. The final connection was carried out by hot-tapping the service as this ensured the least amount of down time possible, which was critical on this project due to £27m’s worth of stock in the warehouse (and all the product temperature critical).

The Air Handling Unit served by the GHPs is housed on the first floor of the warehouse, which made running the refrigerant pipework an interesting challenge, but nothing that our capable team couldn’t figure out.

These GHPs are fantastic units as they give customers the option to introduce additional cooling capacity into a property where the electrical capacity has already been utilised for other applications.

You can CLICK HERE to read up a bit more about these units.

Major Supermarket, Pimlico

In October 2017, we were instructed to carry out works for a major supermarket based in Central London.

Our experienced engineers stripped out four boilers and replaced these with Ideal Tormax 100 boilers, as well as installing a Megaflo 500 litre commercial hot water cylinder.

We used materials including Gebrit Mapress pipe and fittings, as well as Grundfos twin head pumps, which are more reliable and energy-efficient.

Low carbon steel was used for the heating system, which is not only better for the environment but is proven to be a better product due to its corrosion resistance. Stainless steel was used on the gas supply. By using Ideal frame headers and the Gebrit system as opposed to traditional materials, the installation time was substantially improved.

If you’d like further information on our involvement with this project, feel free to contact the CH Systems team on 0208 302 8149 or

CH Systems use Geberit to rebuild the iconic Hastings Pier

The team at CH Systems opted to use Gebrerit Mapress and HDPE for the work we did on the £14m renovation of Hastings Pier, after seeing the benefits on Geberit’s free training.



Hastings Pier and Visitor’s Centre

CH Systems is pleased to share that we have been commissioned to ‘fit out’ the Visitor’s Centre and all the Below Deck Services at Hastings Pier and Visitor’s Centre. We, as a team, are extremely proud to be involved in this prestigious project.

The team will be working alongside Geberit, Uponor, Mitsubishi and Jungs to provide the correct products and level of facilities required by the project. Work will include the installation of an Air Source Heat Pump to provide the heating and hot water within the Visitor’s Centre. All the domestic and LTHW services will be installed according to a 5 layer MLCP crimp system.


For more information, feel free to contact the CH Systems team on 0208 302 8149 or