BBC Allis Studio

CH Systems worked alongside Soho House and ATS on a project that entailed the mechanical fit out of the Allis Bar, as part of an overall  revamp of the BBC’s Television Centre. The project was time sensitive, with a definitive date for the opening the Bar (that was set in stone), which meant late nights and long shifts to get the work done.

Our scope of work included the piping up of ten fan coils all in Geberit Mapress copper. These units run on the “Chilled Water” and “Low Temperature Heating Water” systems, giving the option to heat and cool this vibrant space.

There are also two bar and toilet areas that required hot and cold domestic services as well as soil and waste connections.

The finish in the bar area (featured below) is of a high standard, even down to the choice of sanitary-ware and brassware.


Midsomer Norton

This Plant Room upgrade in Midsomer Norton required the removal of an old floor standing shell and tube boiler, which was fitted with a still-functional Nu-Way burner. We also removed a gas fired Andrews water heater and Stockvis Domestic hot water plate exchanger.

As you can see from the pictures below, it is extremely important to inspect flues during services as the inner wall of the flue had completely collapsed and was blocking the flue way.

These appliances served a Leisure Centre so we had to maintain services for the duration of the project. We fitted 4no Remeha boilers complete with frames, a low loss header and mixing pot, which then goes out to feed the system. The low temperature hot water system (LTHW) was installed in Geberit Low carbon steel Mapress and the gas was fitted in Stainless Steel. We also had to pipe up the new air handling unit which was replaced as the previous model had no heat recovery option.

Overall, this project was completed punctually with minimal ‘down time’ to the centre, which will soon see the benefits of a more energy efficient system.


Walthamstow SSL

The CH team was briefed to fit two new Hamworthy Wessex ModuMax mk3 boilers (alongside the existing Hamworthy boilers) in a recent Plant Room upgrade for a national supermarket Chain in Walthamstow.

Our welders had to fabricate a number of spool pieces to enable us to connect to the Imperial Table D flanges. We also had to fabricate a 6-inch header to which all 4 boilers then connected on to. The gas run on this installation was all carried out in 108mm Geberit Mapress Stainless and was slightly challenging as we had to run this on the underside of the first floor slab; the work was all carried out on a SkyJack SJ19, which greatly helped in reducing the installation time.

The heating coil that serves the shop floor air handling unit was also changed over during the course of the project and we’re happy with the final result.

Supermarket boiler upgrade

CH Systems recently assisted in a boiler upgrade for a national supermarket chain.

The works included disconnecting and stripping out three Chaffoteaux Flexiflame 420s that were no longer functional and beyond repair. The team installed three Ideal Evomax boilers in a Cascade; all the pipework was installed in Geberit Mapress low carbon steel, and the flue system was of a “flue dilution” type as this greatly increases options in terms of siting the replacement boilers.

Within the scope of the project, we also replaced a number of seized Crane gate valves, re-sited the Primary Grundfos pump, converted the heating system from open vent to a sealed system; incorporating a new Pressurisation unit and installation of an expansion vessel.