Could Smart Heating Technology save your small business money?

Word on the street is: consumers are demanding greater control from their heating system. In a recent survey by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), nearly half of UK homeowners say they’re keen to invest in intelligent thermostats. The consumer-habits study also revealed that:

    A fifth of all householders find their existing heating system ‘very difficult’ to control

  • A quarter say their system is old and inefficient.
  • A quarter of householders would invest in a secondary heating system because their existing thermostat is too cumbersome to understand.
  • 40 per cent of householders say they are planning to install new heating controls in the long-term.

The question is – how do these findings relate to your small business? Do you find your heating systems cumbersome, confusing and difficult to manage? Intelligent, or ‘smart,’ thermostats are a current trend in homeownership but if you’re the keeper of a High Street store, a hairdresser or perhaps a beauty salon (and the like) – the stats could be of interest to you.

The survey highlighted the growth in smartphones and app-based technology, which has created a new demand for boilers that can be controlled via mobile devices. Others seek systems that offer greater level of manual control, such as timers, valves and thermostats – as reported by

The typical problem with heating is that it’s either on or off – with no way to determine the temperature a home or office is heated to. If you could control this; if you could have increased command over your work-place thermostat, do you think that you’d spend less on energy?

The consumer insights offered by the EST are a great source of information and education, and could help you achieve an energy-efficient business with minimum effort and fuss.

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