How energy efficient lighting can save your business money

We might be on our way to summer but in spite of the fact that days are getting lighter we’ll be using lights for a while yet because let’s face it; the days are still dark (morning and evening especially). But that doesn’t mean we can’t be thrifty!

Lights left on at night and a lack of attention to the number and placement of fittings in an office or business premises can not only be the cause of light pollution (no, really!) but is likely to hike energy costs way beyond what is necessary.

According to the buffs at the Energy Saving Trust; for the individual business, a lighting upgrade can bring quick payback. On average, 25 per cent of an organisation’s electricity costs come from lighting but a switch to lower-consuming LEDs can reduce this amount, in some cases by as much as 80 per cent.

A further benefit of LED lighting (as opposed to other options) is the controllability factor, which is great in an office where, for example, lights left on when everyone has gone home can be dimmed or even fully switched off remotely to make huge savings on overheads.

Whether you’re a coffee shop, a school, an office block or the local Oxfam, the benefits of LED lighting are tantamount to exceptional savings. Businesses and many local authorities are currently engaged in LED upgrades, and if you’d like to find out more the Energy Trust is running a series of workshops in 2018 through the Premium Light Pro project. The workshops aim to equip installers, planners and decision-makers with the knowledge and tools to drive an LED upgrade plan to completion – CLICK HERE to register.

Source: – “Bringing a brighter start to 2018”

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Could Smart Heating Technology save your small business money?

Word on the street is: consumers are demanding greater control from their heating system. In a recent survey by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), nearly half of UK homeowners say they’re keen to invest in intelligent thermostats. The consumer-habits study also revealed that:

    A fifth of all householders find their existing heating system ‘very difficult’ to control

  • A quarter say their system is old and inefficient.
  • A quarter of householders would invest in a secondary heating system because their existing thermostat is too cumbersome to understand.
  • 40 per cent of householders say they are planning to install new heating controls in the long-term.

The question is – how do these findings relate to your small business? Do you find your heating systems cumbersome, confusing and difficult to manage? Intelligent, or ‘smart,’ thermostats are a current trend in homeownership but if you’re the keeper of a High Street store, a hairdresser or perhaps a beauty salon (and the like) – the stats could be of interest to you.

The survey highlighted the growth in smartphones and app-based technology, which has created a new demand for boilers that can be controlled via mobile devices. Others seek systems that offer greater level of manual control, such as timers, valves and thermostats – as reported by

The typical problem with heating is that it’s either on or off – with no way to determine the temperature a home or office is heated to. If you could control this; if you could have increased command over your work-place thermostat, do you think that you’d spend less on energy?

The consumer insights offered by the EST are a great source of information and education, and could help you achieve an energy-efficient business with minimum effort and fuss.

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