Top tips for running commercial heating in winter

There are three things that make running a heating system in a commercial property tricky and even expensive: the large size of the building in question, the number of people populating the building at any given time and the varying purpose of the building (which may have offices, kitchens, sleeping quarters etc.) all requiring different levels of heat.

As winter approaches, commercial buildings will want to be efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective in their energy use. There are some practical ways to do this:

  • Understand your heating system and how it works, which will inform whether or not the heating system in place suits the size of the property.
  • A thermostat will ensure a consistent temperature, keeping everything comfortable without fiddling with settings all day. Position thermostats carefully – not next to doors or windows – to ensure accurate readings.
  • Use timers to heat rooms only when needed (understanding that different parts of the building will have different heating requirements), which will ensure the correct temperature in each room.
  • Service boilers annually so as to ensure optimal functioning.
  • Eliminate draughts! Up to 15 per cent of energy lost from a building escapes through gaps in doors and windows, which equates to up to 15 per cent of the money spent on heating going out the door.
  • Use natural resources to heat the premises – like sunlight (big windows, open blinds) and close blinds to keep heat in when sun has gone down.
  • Partition a big office space into smaller spaces to deflect and capture heat.
  • One system may not be the best option for a multipurpose building, in which case a range of smaller systems might work better. Installation could be expensive but cheaper in the long-term.

Above all else, system maintenance is essential! For all your energy related questions, feel free to contact the CH Systems team on 0208 302 8149 or


New Gas Absorption Heat Pump range by Remeha Commercial

Commercial heating manufacturer and supplier Remeha Commercial recently announced the launch of a range of Gas Absorption Heat Pumps (GAHP), which are described by the company as perfect for space heating in commercial new build developments – either in conjunction with commercial condensing boilers or in cascade operations – as well as a great low-carbon alternative for space heating.

As the owner or developer of a commercial new-build (or of an existing property), you’ll be looking to cut costs but not at the expense of quality and capability. Remeha’s new range is a high efficiency, low-carbon, low-NOx alternative for low grade heating and hot water generation.

The GAHP range uses gas-fired heat pump technology and a low-NOx thermodynamic condensing heat generator to draw energy from the air, typically for low temperature hot water applications such as under-floor heating.

So, how does this translate in business terms?

When it’s cold (which happens a lot in England), natural gas performs better than electricity; it warms a room within minutes, and is thus cheaper and more effective long-term. By using gas rather than electricity to fire the heat pump, the Gas Absorption Heat Pumps are the cheaper option.

And here’s an FYI: natural gas is recognised as one of the most eco-friendly sources of energy available. It is the cleanest burning fuel available today, and because natural gas is so efficient, you end up lowering your overall energy usage, which leaves your home with a much smaller carbon footprint.

The GAHP range has been described by Mark Northcott, Managing Director of Remeha Commercial, as one of the best means of harnessing renewable energy for heating. But not to worry if you’re using a liquid-petroleum-gas operation (a more costly fuel variant); Remeha’s GAHP range is suitable for LPG as well as natural gas.

Depending on the scale of the new-build, the Remeha GAHP range is available as a single unit or in cascade operations of up to 48 units. It comes in two versions: a high temperature optimised and a low temperature optimised version for distribution systems. And if you’re looking to save space in your building, the GAHP comes in a weatherproof steel casing for outdoor installations.

The pumps have been hailed as easy to use and easy to install.

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