Top tips for business gas safety

According to the Gas Safety (Instillation & Use) Regulations of 1998…

“It’s the duty of every employer or self-employed person to ensure that any gas appliance, installation pipe work or flue installed at any place of work under their control is maintained in a safe condition so as to prevent risk or injury to any person.”

As a business owner, you’d have known this – per logic if not per regulation.  A reminder is never a bad thing though, right? And it’s good to know that the law takes our safety seriously. Keeping company employees and premises safe includes a couple of simple steps, check it out:

  • Appliances should be serviced annually
  • All services, installations and repairs should be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer
  • Keep a record of any work that’s done
  • Replace your CO alarms every five-to-seven years
  • Consider a service plan if your business relies on heating or gas appliances.

A business gas safety check is an inspection or service of your commercial gas appliance or boiler by a Gas Safe registered engineer, who will check your appliance or system to make sure its running safely and efficiently. This should be done on a yearly basis, and will also include:

  • A safety inspection of your metre and all visible pipework
  • A tightness test on your entire gas installation
  • A boiler service
  • A Gas Safety certificate once the inspection is complete.

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