Ductwork, Air Conditioning and Small Plumbing works – White Collar Factory

One of the perks of working on building services is that we get to revel in the architectural prowess of some pretty epic designs, such as the award winning superstructure (featured below) in which we carried out ductwork, air conditioning and small plumbing works during a CAT B fit out on the thirteenth floor.

The White Collar Factory is an energetic and diverse business hub that is home to some of the world’s foremost companies.

On this particular job, the decision was made to keep all of the building services on show. This format of installation works well for us a business as it allows us to showcase our work.

All the installed AC plant and kit was Daikin; the VRV was fitted on the roof in the plant space on the inside of the running track (that is on the roof) and the controls on the internal units were all run through an iTouch manager.

Covent Garden Boutique Hotel

CH Systems is pleased to announce the completion the ‘mechanical and equipment design’ on an 18-room boutique hotel in Covent Garden, London.

The materials we used on the project, included: a Daikin VRV air conditioning system – providing comfort and cooling; a DutyPoint cold water booster pump and tank; Daikin Hydro box – providing the domestic hot water; and a custom designed and modelled smoke shaft achieving all the necessary approvals (provision of specification, coordinated drawings, ongoing consultancy and distribution board schedules).

Our team made sure to complete all work whilst maintaining a high level of safety on site and ensuring that our client experienced as little inconvenience as possible.