Southside Shopping Centre, Wandsworth

Refurbishing the public toilets at Southside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth involved mechanical services, including validation of existing services, stripping out redundant services, new supply and extract ductwork. We also installed new extract twin fan units, diffusers, exhaust fans, Nu-Aire air handling units as well as supply and extract ductwork throughout.

Public Health Services provided validation of existing hot water cylinders and booster set, and installation of new domestic hot and cold water services from the incoming hot and cold water services feed using Yorkshire copper and end feed fittings.

Our experienced Engineers installed new gravity soil and waste pipework to connect to existing vent stacks. We used Geberit UPVC soil pipe and vent fittings. Lastly, we chlorinated water service pipework and tested all services.

The refurbishment is environmentally sustainable and was completed on time, within budget and within the latest Building Regulations L2B.

If you’d like further information on our involvement with Southside Shopping Centre, feel free to contact the CH Systems team on 0208 302 8149 or