Bosch to expand range with Industrial Steam Boiler – new to the UK

Technology giant Bosch has announced plans to expand its industrial boiler portfolio with the launch of a range of steam boilers – used frequently on ‘the Continent’ but a first for Bosch UK.

The new range will consist of four models (UNIVERSAL steam boilers: U-ND/U-HD, U-MB, U-LS and ZFR), each of which is suitable for liquid and gaseous fuels.

The question on every business owner/developer’s mind will be: what are the benefits of a steam boiler? – What makes a steam boiler preferable to the standard industrial boiler?

There are three main things:

Firstly, the steam boilers in the Bosch range are super compact – the large volume flame tube and the smoke tube bundle are compressed in a manner that keeps the system as condensed as possible. This makes Industrial Steam Boilers the perfect solution for smaller manufacturing businesses as well as processing companies and the service industry – any enterprise that demands small to medium volume requirements entreating a little savvy with regard to saving space.

Secondly, Industrial Steam Boilers offer efficiency on a large scale – reduction in consumption is tantamount to money saved, making steam boilers attractive to all industry, size irrelevant. The Industrial Steam Boilers in the Bosch range come equipped with flame/smoke tubes, which allows for a greater recovery of the heat contained in flue gases. This increases the energy efficiency of the boiler by seven per cent in dry running operation and up to fifteen per cent in condensing operations.

Linked to ‘efficiency’ is point number three: sustainability. Bosch’s Industrial Steam Boilers keep CO2 emissions low and thus contribute to a reduction in climate change. The modern burner systems comply with guidelines (in all countries) regarding the prevention and reduction of emissions. A completely neutral CO2 level can be achieved through the use of bio-oils or bio-gases.

Other pluses include:

  • Innovative boiler system technology, which features the likes of intuitive touchscreen controls that accommodate coherent operating logic and integrated protection functions.
  • And ‘system alliance’, which includes additional important components such as combined heat and power, heat pumps or solarthermics.

So; space, efficiency, sustainability and innovationbut the list does continue depending on the boiler in question – CLICK HERE to see further benefits and for a more detailed description on each of the four Industrial Steam Boiler models in the Bosch catalogue.

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