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Top 20 energy companies for 2021

Small businesses have had a tough time (to say the least) over the last year and although the end is in sight, patience is never an easy thing when livelihoods are concerned. Small cuts in overheads can make a difference to your company’s sustainability in the face of adversity, and it is worth keeping track […]

Five minor boiler problems that you could solve yourself

With businesses and home owners restricted by the rules of social distancing, isolation and lockdown, it might not be as easy to get a heating engineer to tend to your boiler emergency at the minute. The good news is that whilst it is always advisable to have a professional take care of most boiler repairs, […]

How does your business consume and spend money on energy?

Do you feel like you’re overspending on energy? Check out the latest stats to see where your company sits in comparison to the average: The cost of running your office is dependent on many factors but what is the average cost for a micro, small and medium office? Check out the following stats: Business size: […]