5 reasons why summer is the best time for businesses to replace a boiler

When we’re in the throes of an epic British summer, boiler maintenance is not likely to make the top of any company’s priority list. That said, there are many reasons why NOW is, in fact, the best time to replace a boiler:

Engineers are busy in winter: boilers break, pipes freeze and engineers are helter-skelter all over the place replacing boilers and making repairs. In all likelihood, you won’t get an appointment that’s convenient and a business premises without heat is sure to result in lowered productivity. In summer, you’ll be able to pick an appointment that suits you and you’ll have time to shop around for quotes from different engineers.

You’ll be warm while your boiler is being fixed: replacing a boiler can take between 1-3 days (sometimes longer), which means that you might find your business without heat for some time. By having the work done in the summer months, you should be able to keep your employees warm and not face as much disruption to the daily routine of work life.

You have time to research and select the most suitable boiler: if your boiler breaks down mid-winter, you’ll have to make quick decisions about a new boiler. Quick decisions aren’t always the best decisions. Summer affords you the time to shop around for the perfect boiler for your business, without the pressure of an emergency decision.

You’ll save money: by upgrading your boiler before winter, you’ll be all set to save money from the start of the chilly season. Many modern boilers will save you money through being far more efficient, particularly the new style of condensing boilers – it’s worth ditching a boiler on its last legs for something more economical, as soon as possible.

You’ll be ready for winter: a new boiler means that you will roll into winter without worrying that your business might be put in jeopardy by a boiler breakdown. You’ll be free to focus your attention on your work as well as any other unforeseen issues that might crop up. Peace of mind is an excellent business strategy!

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